Rules and General Information


A light mid-morning snack must be provided by you for your child. We at Willowbrook Montessori like to encourage healthy eating habits. Therefore no chips, sweets or fizzy cold drinks will be allowed. A drink will be provided by the school.  Montessori strongly encourages independence, we suggest that you provide a snack box (labelled) that is easy for your child to handle. Please mark all the relevant items clearly with your child’s name. Examples of encouraged snack items: yoghurt, fruit, dried fruit, cheese, popcorn, muffins etc.


All children are provided a cooked lunch. Full day children with receive a mid-afternoon snack.


Please dress your child in clothing that facilitates as much self-help as possible.
Each child must be provided with the following items, clearly marked:
1. A bib for babies and hat (under 18 months)
2. Extra set of clothing, including underclothing
3. Sunscreen, labelled with child’s name, for use during free play periods outside (will remain at school)
4. Bottle and baby formula for babies.
5. At least 5 nappies daily, baby wipes and bum cream
6. No jewellery is to be worn, excluding stud earrings for girls.
7. Should the girls be wearing a skirt or dress, shorts or hot-pants are to be worn underneath.
8. Spare blanket and items, dummies etc. for babies.


The school will provide a hat (for children 18 months and older), clean hand towels daily, hand soap, toilet rolls, stationary, and tissues. No extra items are needed to be bought along, as this is covered in your registration fee. The children will have access to the bathroom throughout the day. Toilet independence is constantly encouraged.


As a consideration towards the other children and for the comfort of your own child, please do not send them to school if they are not well.
If your child suffers from asthma or any other chronic illness, please discuss with your child’s class teacher. Children with tummy bugs must remain at home until completely well.
Every care is taken to ensure the happiness and safety of your child, but we are not responsible for any injury or illness on our premises.
If your child develops an infectious allergy or contracts a contagious illness, please inform the relevant teacher or the principal soonest.
According to school policy medication will NOT be administered under any circumstances while at school.

Extra-mural activities

A list of extra mural activities will be handed to you on request. These fees are structured outside the school fees so therefore it is your responsibility to contact and pay the extra-mural providers yourself. We offer our premises and the opportunity for your child to take part in an activity that is convenient for parents. The school does not make a profit from this.


Reports are issued twice a year, in June and at the end of the school year, for children 2 years and older.


We close in December during Government School Holidays and days falling between public holidays to form long weekends (a list of these days will be handed out to you at the beginning of the year).
During all other holidays not included in the above, we offer a fun Holiday Programme – which is included in your school fees.


The parking area is a holding hands zone, please ensure your child does not run onto the road and remains next to you until safely inside the school grounds.

  • Books or toys may not be brought to school due to loss and damage.
  • Mattresses are provided for each child during sleep time. Please supply a pillow and a blanket (during winter months). Blankets will be sent home on a regular basis for washing.
  • Most creative art work is kept in the classrooms in each child’s box. This is then sent home regularly – to be admired and kept at home.
  • A late collection fee of R30 per 5 minute delay will be administered should a child be collected late.
  • Baking Day takes place every second Friday for all children.

It is our goal to ensure that your child is happy and settles and that Willowbrook Montessori becomes a wonderful “firsts school memory” for your child. We therefore encourage your feedback and participation in this important first step that he or she is taking.