Fee Structure 2018

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee will be charged when registering your child at
Willowbrook Montessori Preschool: of R1 500.00 once-off

(5% discount)
(10% discount)
Half Day (1pm) R2 635 R2 875 R7 509 R28 458
Three Quarter Day (15:30) R2 895 R3 158 R8 250 R31 266
Full Day (17:30) R3 390 R3 698 R9 661 R36 612

School Fees Include:

Cooked lunch as well as a holiday programme which will be allocated in the beginning of the year. This is time reserved for children to take a break from the required schooling and teaching time. This time is replaced by aftercare, a time for play, art, and different planned activities, additional free time and outside play is encouraged.

Some parents may choose to allow their child to remain at home during these time periods as part of their break away from school.

Willowbrook Montessori Preschool has a 12 month financial year (January – December).
Fees will be due for the full 12 month duration, regardless if your child is ill or on holiday.

A month’s notice is required should your child be leaving the school.
No notice may be given for the month of December.

Please note that ANY accounts, outstanding for a period longer than 45 days, will be handed over for legal proceedings/action thereafter all legal, interest and related costs will be for your account.